Get Your Private Serenity

Get rid of noise from now on! With built-in Digital Noise-Canceling Engine in HIGHWAVE QE, you can instantly enjoy serenity with one press, which will definitely impress you when you’re traveling by train or plane, or thinking, etc. Find your private and exclusive belongs back for your ears. Just enjoy it!

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Digital Active Noise-Canceling Engine

The active noise canceling digital engine carried by HIGHWAVE QE is composed of dedicated noise reduction circuits, including customized noise-collect MIC and professional noise reduction DSP. By collecting and analyzing the external noise spectrum and generating signals with opposite phases to offset the noise, it can achieve the effect of shielding external noise and bring you a peaceful and quiet private space.


High Definition Sound

Advanced Qualcomm CSR wireless digital audio solution brings you distinctive acoustic performance. With full size ear cover design, HIGHWAVE QE creating the panoramic sound filed. Just enjoy the superior sound from your music, TV plays or movies.

Keep playing all day

With HIGHWAVE QE, you can enjoy 12h playing time continuously with ANC on, and impressively, up to 24h with ANC off. What an amazing day! You can charge your HIGHWAVE QE when having a rest. It takes about 150 minutes ONLY from 0% to 100%. What’s more, just play it as you go.


Business & Traveling, Perfect Solution.

Very suitable for business commuting, but also indispensable personal belongings on traveling!


Game ON! Extreme Low Latency

Equipped with advanced digital codec & transmission technology, such as aptX™ Low Latency, aptX™, SBC, etc., HIGHWAVE QE can provide you with extremely low latency CD-level high quality audio.


Comfortable Wearing

You can adjust your HIGHWAVE QE easily to find an angle most comfortable for you. Besides, premium protein leather brings your ears fabulous feeling acoustically and visually.

Connect Your Smart Life

With HIGHWAVE QE, you can easily answer your phones, or activate your smart voice assistants, such as Siri, Google and so on. HIGHWAVE QE is ready for your smart life any time any where!


Great for Use, Great As a Gift, too.

Our packaging and accessories are carefully prepared, you can feel the quality and ingenuity we hope to convey when you open the box.

Flexible & Portable

With flexible adjustable cantilever, you can put your HIGHWAVE QE back into the attached pouch easily and nicely, making more room for your belongings.