When many manufacturers advertise their wireless charging capabilities, the charging power indicated doesn’t include losses during charging. As a result, consumers have developed a perception that when the manufacturer advertises that the wireless charging power of a device is XW, actuality charging power should be less than X. This also caused when Apple announced that the iPhone 8 series / iPhone X supports wireless charging power of up to 7.5 W, many netizens vowed to call this feature “slow charging wireless charging”, which is extremely bad.


So, Why is the 7.5W fast wireless charging that Apple claims are really the particular power of conscience?

After testing, the iPhone 8 series / iPhone X wireless charging supports a maximum of 7.5W. the facility refers to the particular battery power. the utmost input power is about 11.17W, which is on the brink of the utmost power of 15W currently supported by the Qi Level.

Technology is moving forward, and therefore the wireless future that Apple describes will always be fully realized someday within the future. The success of AirPods has allowed many of us to undertake out the superb experience of wireless convenience than on. After the experience, it’s difficult to return to the normal wire-controlled EarPods. This time, Apple aimed the muzzle at the charging interface and tried to scale back our reliance thereon, but it seems that there’s an extended, great distance to realize the goal of going beyond the normal charging experience and achieving true wireless charging.